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Friends of MRP - Hikes in the Park

Joint AMC Snowshoe Hike | Yellow Loop Hike - 2015 | Nature Trail - 2015 | Nature Trail - 2014
Earth Day Celebration Nature Walk |Sunday Morning - March | Snowshoeing 2012

Joint AMC Snowshoe Hike

After a major storm, Friends' board members David Roberts and Pete Sofman led a snowshoe hike in the park, on Monday, January 25. The hike was led by the Friends in conjunction with the Appalachian Mountain Club. Eight snowshoers enjoyed three hours of following well known and less used trails, as well as getting off trail in untouched snow. David Roberts said "It was a gorgeous morning with a blue sky, sunshine, and some of the best snow conditions seen in the park for years. Everyone had a great time."

Snowshoeing 1

Snowshoeing 2

Snowshoeing 3

Yellow Loop Hike - October 2015

On Saturday October 10, Friends’ board members, Pete Sofman and David Roberts, led a group of walkers along the newly “blazed” Yellow Loop in the park. “Blazing” consists of painting small colored patches on trees to allow people to follow the trail without getting lost.

As a result of the work done by Friends’ group volunteers over the past two years, the park now has a Green Loop, which is also the Nature Trail, with thirteen points of interest for walkers to follow; the new longer 4 mile Yellow Loop; and a new Red Crossover Trail, which follows part of the Hill and Laurel Trails.

Many new trail name signs have also been added in the park in recent years, as a result of Eagle Scout projects, coordinated by the Friends, and park users should now be able to find their way around the park easier than ever.

National Recreation and Parks Month - July 2015

July was National Recreation and Parks Month and, to celebrate, the City of Stamford asked the Friends to lead a hike in Mianus River Park on Saturday, July 18. A heavy thunderstorm just before the start time deterred most people, but eight brave souls, led by Friends' board members, Pete Sofman and David Roberts, enjoyed a pleasant walk along the Nature Trail in the park, with a lot of interesting information being shared along the way. The approximately two mile trail is an ideal way for visitors to get to know the park, with a guide and map available on our Things to Do page.

Nature Trail Walk - August 2014

On Sunday August 24, Friends' board members David Roberts and Pete Sofman led a group of fourteen people on a leisurely walk along the park's Nature Trail, pointing out places of interest along the way and explaining to participants the work completed and planned by the Friends.

Participants were given copies of the printed guide to the Nature Trail, which also includes a helpful map of all the trails in the park. None of the participants, apart from the guides, had walked the trail before and for a number of them this was their first visit to the park.

August Nature Hike

2014 Earth Day Celebration Nature Walk

On Saturday, April 26, Friends group board members Pete Sofman, Jack Stoecker and David Roberts led a walk along the Nature Trail in the park, as one of a series of community events to celebrate Earth Day. Earlier in the morning rain had been pouring down and the walk was almost canceled, but the rain stopped before the walk started at 9:30am and during the walk the sun broke through. Eleven people enjoyed the walk along the green blazed two and a half mile trail with brief stops at the thirteen green painted posts to discuss various aspects of the park.

Map and Guide

Participants were given copies of the Mianus River Park Nature Trail Guide, which has been prepared by the Friends group, and also shown how to access the guide on their cell phones. The Map and Guide to the Nature Trail are available on our Things to Do page.


Nature Trail Post

Sunday Morning Hike - March 2014

FoMRP board members Pate Sofman and David Roberts led a morning hike in the park on Sunday, March 9. With snow still on the ground and with ice in places on the trails, only five hikers participated but everyone enjoyed a perfect morning in the park FoMRP hope to lead a series of hikes in the park this year.

March 9th, 2014 HikeMarch 9th, 2014 Hike

Snowshoers Have Fun in the Park

On Saturday, January 4, FoMRP president, David Roberts, and secretary, Pete Sofman, led a snowshoe / hike in the park. Despite very short notice, with the event listed only the day before, following a heavy snowfall, ten people came out to "play in the snow." Most had snowshoes, including two people who wanted to try out some they had recently bought and never used, while others just wore boots.

The group spent about three hours in the park, following trails around Treetops, and along a variety of trails including Laurel, Swamp, Main, Cave, New and River.

David said:

"It was gorgeous in there and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The park was deserted and in places we hiked along trails where no one had been since the storm. In particular, the stretch along the river was really beautiful."

First thing in the morning it was zero degrees but once the group got going and warmed up, layers of clothing began to come off, and by the time we finished it actually felt warm in the sunshine.

We would like to offer more hikes in the park and would love to hear from anyone willing to help us lead them."

If you are interested, please email us at friendsofmianusriverpark@gmail.com

Snowshoers in the Park

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