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Improving the Stamford Parking Lot

On Thursday, March 27th, FoMRP President David Roberts and board member Jack Stoecker spoke at a public meeting to discuss the City of Stamford Mayor's proposed budget. In addition to being a member of the FoMRP board, Jack is President of The Mianus River Watershed Council (MRWC). Other board members attended the meeting to add support.

This was a public meeting of the City of Stamford's Board of Representatives and Board of Finance at which citizens could speak on items included in the proposed budget. David and Jack spoke in support of funds included in the budget for upgrading the parking lot in Merriebrook Lane.

FoMRP and MRWC have worked with the City in recent years to have a professional study produced assessing the parking lot and making recommendations for its upgrading. This study has been approved by the City and funds allocated for the project. However, cuts in the proposed budget are still expected and support for the upgrade of the parking lot is crucial at this stage.

FoMRP asked park users and friends to submit written support for the project and have been very pleased with the support received. FoMRP gained some unexpected publicity when a photograph of David speaking at the meeting appeared on the front page of the following day's Stamford Advocate. We will keep everyone informed of progress with this important project.

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