Mianus River Park
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Tour of The Park

On May 5, 2012, four Friends met members of the Stamford Parks and Recreation Commission for a quick tour of the park.

They were visiting a number of parks that day so were only able to spend about an hour. The tour began in the parking lot with a discussion of the stormwater run off problems there and efforts by Friends board members, the Mianus River Watershed Council and the City of Stamford to get a grant for a "green" design for the parking lot to address the problem.

We showed them the impressive trail work improvements at the entrance to Treetops to raise the trail height above the wet area using flat stepping stones/rocks.

Next, we showed them the news signs, information kiosks and interpretive signs installed during the past year.

The commissioners acknowledged the confusion created by the "private road" signs on the white picket fences that discourage park users from walking up the hill to the "true" main entrance to the park. (See map and additional information on the improvements to the park entrance) .

  Rock Work
Kiosk        Park Entrance


The commissioners got to see the newly planted areas adjacent to the Merriebrook Lane bridge, and the closed river trail to allow the riverbanks time to recover and re-vegetate. While walking along the river, we showed them the location for the next riverbank stabilization project known as the boulder pool. The project will address severe erosion and loss of trees and vegetation. During the tour, two of the commissioners asked dog walkers to put their dogs on leash, which precipitated an "exchange" of opinions. While at the river, a nearby fisherman landed a big trout!

We discussed erosion, enforcement of park rules, vandalism, fund raising, communications, volunteers, and the overall value of such a large park in an urban setting as a group and in one-on-one discussions. The commissioners seemed very pleased, complimented us on our efforts and told us to let them know how they could help us out in any way. We offered to take them on a longer park walk when they had more time. Two commissioners recalled fond memories of exploring the park when they were kids. Overall, the tour was a success. The commissioners got a good understanding of the work we are doing, the current condition of the park and our challenges.

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