Mianus River Park
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The Aftermath of Sandy

As many of you have seen first hand, at the end of October, the Park suffered quite a bit from Hurricane Sandy (a.k.a. Superstorm Sandy). Many trails were totally blocked by large fallen trees, causing visitors to create bypass trails.

On successive Saturdays, dedicated volunteers successfully helped clear all the major trails for access by emergency vehicles. These major access trails were the former carriage roads (all have the word "Road" in their name). They were in existence before the park became owned by Stamford and Greenwich.

After the access trails were cleared, the volunteer crews focused on the rest of the trails and now most trails have been fully re-opened.

As always, we rely on reports from all of you park users about problem areas on the trails. To those who helped us, we owe you our deep appreciation.

Photographs after the storm between the bridge and the second kiosk.



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