Mianus River Park
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What We've Done

Since inception the Friends Group has made significant progress in many respects.


In only a few years, the Friends group has developed a legal structure as a not for profit corporation and established 501c tax status. It has also developed an effective management structure consisting of a Board of Directors and several specialized committees.


Included on the Friends Board of Directors are representatives of a number of local outdoor activity and environmental organizations as well as a representative of The City of Stamford. The Friends group is continuing to build relationships with these organizations and developing new partnerships.


The Friends group has developed an impressive web-site and has built an email list of almost 600 people who are interested in the park.

Fund Raising and Park Improvements

The Friends group has raised over $20,000 from grants, donations and membership fees to spend on park improvements. These include substantial riverbank restoration and replanting projects, trail improvements, new signage, a new Nature Trail, and frequent maintenance work.


Over 2,000 hours of volunteer work has been donated to improving the park.

Did You Know?

Friends Awarded


The United Way of Western Connecticut recently recognized the Friends in their annual awards, following a nomination by the City of Stamford.

The Friends received an Honorable Mention in the category of Outstanding Established Adult Volunteer Group. In their comments the United Way said “The Friends commitment to the City of Stamford is impressive and the committee was impressed with the impact your group has made by performing trail maintenance, riverbank restoration projects and native plantings which creates a park that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of users.


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