Mianus River Park
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Visitor Comments

Comment We were very impressed. It is so well maintained...
I spent two hours yesterday at the Park with a friend Michael Coady hiking the southern half. We do a lot of local hiking and were very impressed. It is so well maintained (though a few more signs at "intersections" would help newcomers.) The work to restore the river bank is great and should make a†big difference in the next few years. We will definitely return before long.
Rob Fryer - Local Hiker

Comment Great Work by Jeff Yates and Trout Unlimited!
The Mianus Chapter of TU has done years of work on area-streams, and several erosion projects on the Mianus. I got a chance to take in the erosion project that the Mianus TU chapter has done. It was beautiful work and no doubt is preserving this little streamís quality and characteristics. I could tell they had more work to do, as there were some clear streambank problems, but the stream seems in VERY capable hands. Further Comments >
Joel R. Johnson - Fisherman from Brooklyn, NY

Comment Volunteer Trailwork...
Feb 1, 2012 - The following comment from a visitor and trailworker, Leticia Silva, from Brazil, reflects how fortunate we are to have such an open space right here in Lower Fairfield County. Brazil conjures up rain forests and unlimited open spaces, but its population centers, some of the densest in the world, include lots of concrete:

" ...I have been living in Hortolandia in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and also working at IBM. Here around where I live, there is nothing like (the Mianus River Park). And I miss so much the nature!

In Connecticut is so green, so many trees, but here is the opposite, houses and houses, there are not many parks, not many trees...but there are few places to travel around here, like 2 or 3 hours driving where I can do some sports, like canyoning, rafting, and it's pretty cool! a lot of waterfalls.. I love it!

LeticiaI had really good times (in the Mianus River Park)! One of them was doing the volunteer work! It's always priceless!"

Leticia Silva - Volunteer Trailworker from Brazil

Comment Riverbank Restoration...
I want to thank FOMRP for the terrific work you are doing in the park, particularly in protecting the Mianus River from further damage from streambank erosion by your fencing, replanting, and essential control of damaging activity by channeling river entry to specific hardened sites.

Most people might not realize that streambank erosion in the park has damaged ecologically not only the part of the river in the park but also downstream as huge amounts of eroded sediment have been swept in large storms all the way to the pond above the Mianus filter plant dam, mucking up the river, reducing water depths drastically, and decimating fish life. Please keep up the good work.

Peter Moss - Board Member, Mianus River Watershed Council

Comment Trail Improvements...
The park looks better than it ever has since I've been riding. All of the improvements are great, clearly sustainable and very fun! It's a real treat when I stumble on one of the reroutes for the first time and am treated to trail that is tons more flowy than the old route. As progress moves forward the park keeps on getting better. The guys and gals at the shop and I really appreciate all your team's hard work. Keep on raising the bar! Greg Jakubek - Stamford Cycle Center

Comment A Special Place for Family and Friends...
Mianus is a special place to me. It's where my love for the outdoors was reignited. I was introduced to the park many years ago when I got back into mountain biking. Since then, I've met countless other riders and hikers, many of which have become good friends. It was the first park where my girlfriend (and now wife) bonded on countless rides and trail runs. I've even introduced the park to my mother and sister on several snow shoe adventures.

The Friends of Mianus has done a tremendous job improving the park and relationships between user groups. I've seen a huge improvement in trail conditions and overall respect for the park as the group has grown. I look forward to supporting the group's future projects and continued improvements. Larry - biker/hiker

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