Mianus River Park
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About Friends of Mianus River Park

Our Mission

To Sustain and Protect the Mianus River Park for All Users and Future Generations.

About the Friends of Mianus River Park

Friends of Mianus River Park is a volunteer group, incorporated in 2010 as a non-profit corporation. The group relies entirely on funding from membership fees, donations and grants, and on the efforts of volunteers to continue its program of improvements to the park.

The Friends group seeks to create a park which can be enjoyed by a wide variety of users, who are willing to enjoy the park without impacting the enjoyment of others and without damaging the park’s natural assets and infrastructure. In addition to consideration for the wide variety of people who use the park, equal consideration should be given to the park’s wildlife, plants, pools, river and other natural assets. Because visitors/park users usually regard the entire park as a single entity, the Friends group includes in their stewardship: Mianus River State Park (Treetops), Mianus River Park (Stamford) and Mianus River and Natural Park (Greenwich)

Friends of Mianus River Park is widely recognized as representing the users of Mianus Park. It works closely with federal, state and local governments and with other volunteer organizations. Park improvements are approved in advance by the appropriate authorities and every effort is made to use native plants and professional techniques.

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