Mianus River Park
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Who We Are

Friends of Mianus River Park is a registered not for profit corporation. It has a Board of Directors, and a series of committees responsible for various aspects of the Group’s activities.

BOD members

  • Pete Sofman: President, Strategic Planning Chair, and Park Natural Assets Chair
  • Heidi DeLuca: Vice-President
  • Mary Ellen Burns: Treasurer and Infrastructure Chair
  • Craig Kennedy: Secretary
  • Linda Chapman: Communications Chair
  • Chris Aldrich
  • Erin McKenna: Associate Planner for the City of Stamford


Strategic Planning to develop long-term plans for the Friends group.

Membership and Activities to recruit new members and retain existing ones. To develop activities in the park and social activities.

Fund Raising to investigate and manage non-membership sources of funds.

Communications to develop and maintain the Group’s web-site, as well as email and other communications with members and non-members.

Park Infrastructure to plan and organize maintenance and improvement of the park’s non-natural assets, including trails, signage, kiosks, parking areas etc.

Park Natural Assets to organize and organize maintenance and improvements of the park’s natural assets, including the river, trees, plants, and wildlife.

Historian to document history of the park and maintain history pages on the Friends web-site.

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