Mianus River Park
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About the Mianus River

The Mianus River begins its spectacular 20-mile journey to Long Island Sound by flowing north into Bedford, NY near the Greenwich border. Geologists say that the Mianus originally continued north to the Hudson River. However, during the last Ice Age, rock deposits from melting glaciers forced the river to turn south just below Bedford’s Indian Hill. Today, the river flows south-southeast from Bedford through Mianus River Gorge Preserve and into Stamford.

Between Westover Road and Valley Road, the river turns southwest into Greenwich, where it flows through Mianus Pond, over a dam near Rt. 1 into Cos Cob Harbor and, finally into Long Island Sound.

A Precious Resource

Mianus RiverThe river is a source of drinking water for over 100,000 residents in lower Greenwich, Stamford and adjoining New York communities, making its protection a key factor in management of the surrounding lands. One of the two public water supply intakes is located downstream of Mianus River Park. Therefore, it is particularly important to find, and maintain a responsible balance between recreation and preservation for users of the Park. The River, its tributaries, and the wetlands, woods and fields of its watershed, provide habitat to support diverse and abundant wildlife, as well as idyllic settings for recreational and cultural activities that must respect the delicate balance of nature and human use.

The Mianus River Watershed Council (MRWC) is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that was formed in February 1990. MRWC is a volunteer organization of environmentally concerned citizens in New York and Connecticut who are interested in maintaining and preserving the natural, historical and recreational resources along the River and its tributaries. The MRWC assists and guides community efforts toward the protection and enhancement of the watershed's natural resources through communication and education. For more information about the Mianus River Watershed go to mianusriver.org

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