Mianus River Park
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Trail Ambassadors

FCNEMBA Trail Ambassador Program:

Three members of the Friends of the MRP have been trained and designated as Trail Ambassadors: Rich Coffey, Dave Francefort, and Ryan Tucker.

The Trail Ambassador Program is administered by the Fairfield County chapter of the New England Mountain Biking Assn (FCNEMBA) whereby trained volunteers on mountain bikes ride on trails, educating, informing, and assisting other trail users. FCNEMBA trains each volunteer in trail etiquette, public relations, basic bicycle repair, and in emergency response (not first aid).

Ambassadors assist others by directing those that may be lost, performing minor bike repairs for trail riders, suggesting points of interest, doing minor trail maintenance such as removing trash or debris from the trails, going for help in an emergency, and educating fellow mountain bikers on how to ride sensitively and responsibly.

Volunteers also serve as liaisons between trail users and Land Managers. They provide feedback to land managers about trail conditions, trail maintenance needs, and unauthorized activity.

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