Mianus River Park
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About Mianus River Park

Mianus River Park, a nature reserve on the Greenwich / Stamford border in Connecticut, has a total combined acreage of 391 acres. The two mile stretch of the beautiful Mianus River which flows through the park is a major attraction to visitors but the park also offers fine forest lands, vernal pools, varied wildlife and miles of rolling trails for walking and other recreational activities. (see Trail Map)

While visitors can enjoy the park as a single area, the park consists of three sections:

  • Mianus River and Natural Park, 110 acres, owned by the Town of Greenwich
  • Mianus River Park, 187 acres, owned by the City of Stamford
  • Mianus River State Park, also known as Treetops, 94 acres, owned by the State of Connecticut

Each authority has different rules for their respective section of the park (see Visitor Guidelines).

Access to Mianus River Park is from Cognewaugh Road in Greenwich and from Merriebrook Lane in Stamford with parking at both entrances. (see Directions). The park is open during daylight hours.

Mianus River Park is one of a series of green areas in the Mianus River Watershed and is an important contributor to the preservation and protection of the river as a source of water for the local community as well as for recreation (more on About the River).

The forest within the park is made up of a variety of deciduous and evergreens, with a diverse shrub layer, and at ground level: ferns, grasses, toadstools and wildflowers. A wide variety of animals, birds, fish and other creatures make their home in the park. Full lists of flora and fauna can be found in our Nature and Wildlife pages.

Because the park suffers from heavy visitor use, and in order to preserve the parkland for this and future generations, we request visitors to follow some guidelines as well as complying with relevant rules and regulations established by local and state authorities (see Visitor Guidelines).

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