Mianus River Park
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Guidelines for Visitors

Mianus River Park is a gem which many people want to enjoy and to preserve for their children and grandchildren. It is also a heavily used space. At times, conflicts arise between different park users, and usage can damage the park’s delicate fabric. In order to allow everyone to enjoy the park while at the same time preserving and protecting this wonderful place we ask that park users comply with the laws established by local and state authorities and follow the guidelines set out below.

The Laws

Friends of Mianus River Park does not set the laws for the park, which are set by the appropriate authorities, but does ask that park users comply with these laws.

Most of us regard Mianus River Park as a single space but legally it consists of Mianus River and Natural Park, owned by the Town of Greenwich; Mianus River Park, owned by the City of Stamford; and Mianus River State Park (commonly known as Treetops), owned by the State of Connecticut. Each has similar laws for their open spaces but with some significant differences. You can find these laws at:

State of Connecticut: Rules and Regulations (PDF)

City of Stamford: Rules And Regulations

Town of Greenwich: Mianus River Park (PDF)

The Guidelines

All Park Users

  • Please be considerate to other users. Many people love this park.
  • Please remain on the existing trails and avoid creating new unauthorized trails.
  • Stay off of closed trails and out of the deer-exclusion fenced area.
  • Place litter and garbage in the garbage cans.
  • Stay out of adjacent private property.
  • Park your cars only in the parking lots and in two pull-out areas near the bridge on Merriebrook Lane.
  • Avoid walking near or along steep river banks, unless using a hardened river access point.
  • Stay out of the river, unless you’re a fisherman.
  • Avoid wet trails
  • Please respect the kiosks and trail signs. They are municipal property and vandalism is subject to prosecution.
  • Follow “Leave no Trace” principles

Dog Walkers

  • State, Town and City laws all make it illegal to have a dog off leash in the park.
  • Animal Control officers randomly patrol the Park, and ticket dog owners with dogs not on leash. Fines are expensive. Respect the dog warden. He is only doing his job.
  • Pick-up your dog's poop.
  • Keep dogs away from sensitive riverbank areas to avoid erosion.
  • Read the Rules > (State, Town and City Regulations)


  • Alert hikers of your approach and slow down when passing people, especially children.
  • Avoid biking when the trails are wet.
  • Avoid the very sensitive river-edge trails.
  • Greenwich prohibits biking in its 110 acres.


  • Have the required permits.
  • Comply with all posted catch and release laws.
  • Avoid damaging plants and river bank when entering the river. Use hardened access areas.

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